Utah vs BYU Football


At the BYU/Utah football game (good win, Utes!) students from both schools came together at halftime with a friendly reminder that if Utes and Cougs can meet up to work on climate change solutions, Democrats and Republicans can too. We formed a glowing #M on the hill, visible from the stadium. The #M stands for “Middle”. And “Mitt” because we’re thanking our main man, Senator Mitt Romney for taking climate change seriously. 

To thank Mitt, we’ve created the first-ever “don’t change” Change.org petition. Mitt is showing that climate change is bigger than rivalries and political ideologies, and we don’t want to see that stop anytime soon. So we’re thanking him for seeing that bipartisanship (the far middle) is where durable solutions will be found. Whether you’re a Ute, a Coug, or heck, just a resident of planet earth who’d like elected officials to work together in order to avoid planetary destruction, you can help by signing the petition.  

What does a glowing Purple #M look like?  Like this:

Tweet your support for Utes & Cougs working together on climate change!

Show some love for BYU and the UofU showing that it’s possible for rivals to work together on climate change. Tweet the following:

The purple #M is BYU & UofU students–rivals working together (take note, Dems and Republicans) to thank @SenatorRomney for showing leadership on climate change. Go to FarMiddle.com to sign the first ‘don’t change’ change.org- petition to say “thanks” with us.


Team Up